Is Anita Rani Pregnant?


Is Pregnant?: Anita Rani is a well-known Radio TV Presenter. Most fans are searching for information to know whether she is pregnant or not. She works as a radio host in British television and a host of BBC radio.

Anita Rani is a reality Tv star who starred in shows like Who Do You Think You Are? and With Granny Kumar, Strictly Come Dancing, Gossip, and Goddesses. She furthered her studies in the Bradford Girl Grammer and later the University of Leeds.

She married Bhupi Rehal. Bhupi Rehal is a senior technology executive for an advertising agency who is lucky to have a wife who is very famous and best known in Journalism. They both live in East London.

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Is Anita Rani Pregnant?

Rumours spreading about Anita Rani’s pregnancy are untrue. No statement has been made by her or her husband to the public. Anita and her husband have kept their married life private so our sources are trying to get the information regarding the pregnancy.






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