Is Anne-Marie Miéville still alive or dead?

Sight & Sound has referred to  as a “hugely influential  multimedia artist.” Miéville was born in  Switzerland on November 11, 1945.

When Miéville first met  in Paris in 1970, Miéville was working as a photogrpaher. Miéville and Godard later became close friends.

She worked with Godard as a scriptwriter, film editor, co-director, and artistic director from 1973 until 1994. Miéville’s first short film, How can I love, was completed in 1983;  The Book Mary (Le libre de Marie), her second, was completed the following year. Godard’s Hail Mary is available on DVD and includes a scene from The Book of Marv(1985).

When Léo Scheer published Miéville’s collection of short stories in 2002 called Images en parole, he described it as “a continuation of static shots, short films of the writing. it is not strictly speaking about novels, but rather of unspeakable moments escaped flavours of images, where it would be a question of filming with words.”

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Is Anne-Marie Miéville still alive or dead?

At the age of 76, Anne-Marie is still very much alive.

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