Is Army of Thieves based on real safes?

ARMY OF THIEVES (L to R) Matthias Schweighöfer as LUDWIG DIETER in ARMY OF THIEVES. Photo Credit: Stanislav Honzik/Netflix © 2021

Real safes exist but are the safes in Army of Thieves real?

I asked a friend for his opinion on this question and his answer was “I wouldn’t be surprised if they are actually real safes, the white man is capable of producing them.”

The safes in the Army of Thieves are mythical. There’s no proof of Wagner’s existence as a locksmith. Wagner is entirely fictitious and all his safes are not real.

Ludwig Dieter uses his ears to determine the unlocking process of the safes. He does it so beautifully. To crack a safe, need to be patient, diligent, and never have the spirit of giving up. Feel is very important when it comes to cracking safes than sound.

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According to some locksmiths, real-life safecracking takes several minutes or hours to crack them. In Army of Thieves, Ludwig uses a short period of time to crack the safes making safecracking exciting. He manipulates the safes to crack them.

Most safecrackers have to work hard at their craft to manipulate locks. Safes with complex four-wheel locks do not require safe technicians to use manipulation to crack them due to the number of combinations. In Army of Thieves, Ludwig uses his auditory cues to open the lock.

Are the safes really real??

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