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Is Augustin Ramirez Still Alive Or Dead?

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Agustín Ramírez Sánchez was a Mexican singer-songwriter welcomed into the world on August 28, 1952, in San Francisco del Rincón, Guanajuato, Mexico.

The Mexican singer-songwriter was co-founder and frontman of the Mexican musical group Los Caminantes.

Agustín Ramírez, as he was commonly known, composed and was responsible for many of Los Caminantes’ hits.

Amongst them include “Palomita Mensajera,” “Para Que Quieres Volver,” “Regresare,” “He Sabido,” “Volar, Volar,” “Ven y Abrazame,” “Una Noche,” “Todo Me Gusta De Ti,” “Mi Niña,” “Lagrimas Al Recordar,” just to mention a few.

In 2016, Agustín became notable for giving vocals for “Para Que Quieres Volver” on a recorded track to La Rondalla Tradicional de Saltillo in an album titled, La Razón de Mi Existir.

Agustín is noted to have been an avid soccer fan who supported Club Deportivo Guadalajara.

Is Augustin Ramirez Still Alive Or Dead?

Augustin Ramirez is not still alive but dead. He breathed his last on October 26, 2022, at the age of 70.


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