Is Bolo Yeung still alive or dead?


Yang Sze is his real name by he is well known as . He was born and raised in Guangzhou China.

He is a film actor, former hong kong competitive Bodybuilder, and Martial Artist. Bolo at age ten in Canton, he started his martial training under several Kung Fu masters. Whiles growing up, he took interest in bodybuilding and became Mr.Hong Kong Champion for ten years due to his physique.

He was chosen for several bad guy roles in films produced by Shaw Brothers studios such as The Deadly Duo, Angry Guest, and others. In 1971, he left the shaw brothers. Fans of Bolo are eager in knowing if he’s still alive.

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Is Bolo Yeung still alive in 2022?

Bolo is still alive. While filming Winston’s cigarette commercial, he met Bruce Lee who invited him to star in Enter the Dragon. After which he was known as Bolo for the character he portrayed. The two became close friends before the death of Bruce Lee. He is a father to three namely, Danny Yeung, Debbra Yeung, and David Yeung.

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