Is Chad Henne Still In The NFL?

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On July 2, 1985, Chad Steven Henne was born in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. He is an NFL quarterback. He went to Michigan State University.

Henne amassed 32 victories during the regular season, 8,740 offensive yards, and 87 touchdowns while in college. In his final year, he also helped the Wolverines defeat Florida in the Capital One Bowl.

Henne is now the second-most successful true freshman starting quarterback in Michigan history. He then won the game’s MVP award for his over 350-yard passing performance.

Henne replaced the injured starting quarterback in 2000, five games into his freshman season at Wilson Senior High School in West Lawn, Pennsylvania.

The Bulldogs’ head coach chose to let Henne finish the season as the starter after he put up strong numbers. Henne started his sophomore year and ultimately the rest of his high school football career after successfully completing the 2000 season.

Is Chad Henne Still In The NFL?

Yes, he is. Currently playing as a quarterback for the National Football League’s Kansas City Chiefs is Chad Henne. Henne has a laser-like focus on his job and aspires to be the best.


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