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Is Cherry Boone still alive or dead?

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Cherry Boone is an American writer, author, and singer. Boone was born in July 1954. She and her three sisters formed the 1970s pop singing group.

Boone was born in Denton, Texas. Cherry was the first daughter of Pat Boone and Shirley Lee Foley Boone.

She is the granddaughter of country music star Red Foley. She has three sisters: Debby, Lindy, and Laury.

Cherry including her three sisters formed a vocal group, The Boones, in the 1970s. They were best known for their cover of ABBA’s “Hasta Mañana”.

Boone married writer Dan O’Neill , On October 4, 1975, Dan and Cherry had converted to Catholicism. Dan O’ Neill was a co-founder of the relief organization Mercy Corps.

They have four daughters and one son, Brittany, Brendan, Casey, Kevyn, and Kylie.

Is Cherry Boone still alive or dead?

Cherry Boone announced publicly after the death of her friend, pop singer Karen Carpenter, who died in 1983 from complications arising from anorexia nervosa.


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