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Is Chinedu Nwadike dead?

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Famous musician, Chinedu Nwadike has died. Chinedu died after battling leukemia. The 39-year-old man reportedly died in Abuja on Sunday afternoon. leukemia. Before his death, the striker of “Oku Gbajie Aka” had sought financial help from famous Nigerians and others.
Confirming the death of Prince Chinedu Nwadike, his friend and President of the Darlington Ibekwe Organization, Darling ton Chidera Ibekwe, took to social media, Facebook on Sunday afternoon to reveal that the late singer had died of leukemia.
Chinedu Nwadike was born in the Imo region and grew up in Owerri.
Chinedu Nwadike started singing at a young age although he first appeared in dance music videos.
He was a Good Okeke dancer who appeared in almost every gospel music dance. Prince Chinedu Nwadike later became a full-fledged gospel singer and actor. Before he started singing and selling his music he said he made a living by dancing to other artists. He is also the governor of the Imo region and a special assistant in the promotion.
Chinedu Nwadike, the explorer and evangelist was an evangelist who dedicated his life to the Christian religion.
Despite not having a Wikipedia biography, Nwadike may be well known in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Moreover, and most notably, it is considered a myth among the Igbo.
Both were a Nigerian government officials and entertainer who played various roles in a few moving Hollywood movies. Aside from his fame and splendor, the 38-year-old has always been close to people who respect him throughout the country. After serving the nation and his god for a long time, his death left everyone in ruins.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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