Is Coda Based On A True Story?

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CODA, a 111-minute Apple TV+ tearjerker, is up for three Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

What happens in CODA?

CODA follows Ruby Rossi (Emilia Jones), a 17-year-old from Gloucester, Massachusetts, who is the only hearing member of a deaf family. She discovers a love for singing as a senior in high school. As opportunities for the future present themselves, she and her family consider what their futures might entail, whether together or apart.

Her abilities may lead to her attending a prestigious college far from home. But how much will it cost?

Will the Rossi family be able to make sense of it all?

Is CODA Based On A True Story?

Despite the fact that there are plenty of CODAs in real life, writer-director Sian Heder has stated in numerous interviews that the film is not based on any specific real people or storylines.

While the Rossi family is entirely fictional, each member represents the real-life communities they represent (as accurately as possible). Many of us know someone in the Deaf community, and Gloucester’s fishing culture is also real.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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