Is Coming from Insanity a true story?


Coming from Insanity is a 2019 crime drama movie, which takes its origin from Nigeria. The movie centers on a 12-year-old boy who is trafficked from his home country Togo to Nigeria.

Gabriel Afoyalan narrates the story of the famous Kossi, Coming from Insanity doesn’t take off as a typical Nigerian movie, it is bold, thrilling, and leads the audience into an exciting rollercoaster. Coming from Insanity is a genuine story of Kossi the Bear, the movie tells the real-life of Kossi.

Though it is considered controversial, the movie is intriguing and exciting. After the kidnap of 12 years old, he grows up with the intention of making a lot of money literally, he grows up to become a counterfeiter.

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The plot of the movie is such that the content could have only come from a true life experience. Combined with the first-person narrative, the exotic Hausa girls, the erotic scenes, and his major incident of the trafficking which brought him to Nigeria the movie comes off as a true story.

These experiences are very common so it is not surprising that the movie is a true-life experience. The first-person narrative allowed the audience to feel the emotions and understand the main character’s ( Gabriel Afoyalan’s) mind drawing it away from the controversy surrounding his life. Coming from Insanity sheds light on the activities of the upcoming youth. It is an extremely thrilling movie that is not only heartwarming but an educative piece produced by .

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