Is Daniel Jones Preparing For A Worst-Case Scenario?

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Daniel Jones fell, then got back up, and there was a brief moment when Daniel Jones thought things might not be so bad.

“Once I saw he was able to walk, I was like, ‘Please just don’t be an ACL,'” said wide receiver Wan’Dale Robinson.

The foreboding reality that awaits Jones and the team that decided to commit to him for four years and $160 million when he takes the field again.

He is believed to have torn the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee, leaving after the first play of the second quarter on Sunday in what must now rank as a low point for a team that has seen far too many of them in recent years.

Is Daniel Jones Preparing For A Worst-Case Scenario?

Daniel Jones, the New York Giants’ quarterback, suffered a right knee injury in a game against the Las Vegas Raiders on November 5, 2023. Jones’ injury is suspected to be a torn ACL, and he will have an MRI to confirm the diagnosis.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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