Is Darius Jackson Arrested?

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According to a recent story, Darius Jackson has refuted his former partner Keke Palmer’s accusations of abuse and stated that her mother Sharon had threatened him.

According to TMZ, Jackson got into an argument with Keke’s mother, Sharon, over the phone, and she threatened to “put a bullet in his head.”

Keke, 30, was recently given sole custody of their eight-month-old baby, Leodis, and a restraining order against Jackson.

In civil court records, she claimed that Darius, with whom she has a kid named Leodis, had abused her physically and psychologically.

According to TMZ, Sharon made her threat following a fight between the couple on November 5 regarding Leo’s custody; this incident was described in full in Keke’s application for a restraining order.

After texting Keke to let her know he was going to pick up his son Leo to watch football last Sunday, Darius was disappointed to arrive home and discover their son was not at her house.

This resulted in a fight between Darius and Keke, and after Keke contacted Sharon, Sharon was involved in the argument.

Is Darius Jackson Arrested?

Darius Jackson’s arrest hasn’t been confirmed. After being put on speakerphone, Sharon reportedly started yelling and cursing at Darius. The dispute allegedly escalated when she threatened to shoot Darius in the head.

Then, according to reports, Darius attempted to take Keke’s phone away. According to insiders, this specific altercation was documented in pictures that were turned in last week in compliance with Keke’s protection order.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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