Is Diamond City on Netflix a true story?

Is Diamond City on Netflix a true story ?
Is Diamond City on Netflix a true story ?

This one of the questions most of you fans of this series tend to ask. Most at times a movie or series would look so real and authentic that you would be eager to know whether or not it’s a true story. Continue reading to find out the behinds of this amazing and interesting series.

Diamond City is a South African based Netflix series. The storyline behind it is about an incorruptible lawyer who is very strict and fights for the truth only but was set up and framed by her own law firm, something that is unknown to her. She was then arrested and sent to prison, where she looks into the conspiracy plotted against her in order to be free. So basically, a prosecutor to a prisoner. Now, this is something that has been happening around us all the time.

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Now you see, this is a very interesting storyline that really has the potential to unfold to numerous events. This outstanding Diamond City drama series was based on a true story of Stafford Parker. Stafford Parker was a British artist, one who became the only president of the small town “Diggers Republic” also known as (Klipdrift Republic) on the 30th of July, 1870 on the diamond field of Southern Africa. The life span of “Diggers Republic” was momentary (short-lived).

He resigned on February, 1871 after the British leaders declared their supremacy over the land. You see, Stafford’s reign was very short-lived. Parker was known to be a born fighter and a leader, one who stood for what was right, said Arliss. This storyline was used in the making of Diamond City, showed on Netflix.

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So there you have it, Diamond City on Netflix was based on a true story.

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