Is Edie McClurg still alive or dead?


is an Actor and Comedian who was born Edith Marie McClurg. She was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri to Irene and Mac McClurg. Edie attended the University of Missouri and taught radio for eight years.

Edie came to prominence from 1976 to the present. On Television, Edie has played a lot of roles in numerous including Full House, Alice, Hannah Montana, The teenage witch, Crash box, and many others. She is best known for portraying a Nurse, nicknamed Angel of Death in an episode of Golden Girls.  As a voice actress she has played in The Little Mermaid, A Bug’s Life, Cars, Life with Louie, and others. Fans of Edie are eager in knowing if she’s still alive or not.

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Is Edie McClurg still alive in 2022.

Edie McClurg is still alive. In 2020, Edie made a cameo in the family guy episode “Holy Bibble”. Edie has played a lot of supporting roles in the films such as Carie in 1976, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in 1986, Back to school, Mr.Mom, Planes,trainers and automobiles, Natural Born Killers, Flubber, and many more.

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