American Entrepreneur, was born on 3, 1984. She happens to be the founder of the now collapsed health technology company which was known as Theranos.

It was earlier revealed that they partnered with another medical company that sued them after realizing they were building the company on a lied and not what they claimed to be doing.

Elizabeth was also convicted for wire fraud and conspiracy to commit another wire fraud. She is currently on bail as the court is looking into matters to charge her. Holmes can be described as a generous lady who was interested in healthcare activities.

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She worked as a laboratory technician where she was able to discover a sample of the COVID virus in the blood she collected for her research. She was a student at Stanford and later dropped out of school.

Is Elizabeth Holmes Autistic?

Elizabeth Holmes did not show any autistic symptoms while growing up with her parents. As of now, she nor anyone close to her has not revealed anything about the fact that she is an autistic patient.

People are basing on her actions of impersonation and building up lies to cover up for her businesses as an autistic trait. This was revealed by a psychiatrist who has known her for some time now. Elizabeth Holes is not autistic.

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