Is Ezra Miller Related To Joji?

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A question that has puzzled Filthy Frank’s fans and Ezra Miller’s fans since, apparently, early in the season. Are George Miller (also known as Joji / Filthy Frank / Pink Guy) and Ezra Miller related?
The latest PewDiePie video for the acclaimed YouTube has made a joke about questionable fashion options, including Ezra Miller’s colorful Fantastic Beasts jacket for the first time in 2018. In the video, he calls Ezra “Filthy Frank’s cousin.” Although Swedish YouTuber admits he is not sure if Filthy Frank and Ezra Miller are related, he has successfully revived the conversation.
“Harlem Shake” promoter George Miller became as popular on YouTube as Filthy Frank.

He later stopped practicing vlogging, citing health reasons and switched to a music career under the name Joji Miller, or simply Joji.
Now, their fans have noticed that Joji and Ezra have similarities in passing. Their surnames are the same, too, leading many to conclude that they are at least cousins.
Not only will you get longer conversations about their public connections on Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms, but there are all the threads on Reddit that talk about being cousins.
In 2016, Joji himself sparked the flames when he named the Flash character his cousin on Twitter. It should have been a joke and maybe that’s why Joji deleted the tweet. But their followers believe it to be true.

Is Ezra Miller Related To Joji?

But there is no evidence that Joji Miller and Ezra Miller are related, let alone being first cousins.
On Instagram Q&A, Ezra even said that he did not have a cousin named Joji. Yet their followers are still adamant that they are related.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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