Is It Wrong To Drink Garri On Xmas Day?

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Christmas is a yearly celebration honoring the birth of Jesus Christ that is celebrated by billions of people all over the world on December 25 as a religious and cultural holiday.

Christmas Day is observed as a public holiday in many nations, is a religious holiday for the majority of Christians, and is also a cultural festival for many non-Christians.

It also plays a significant role in the holiday season that is built around it. However, Garri is the term used for fresh starchy cassava root flour in West Africa.

In Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Guinea, Cameroon, and Liberia, starchy flours combined with cold or boiling water make up a significant portion of the diet.

The root of cassava, which is used to make garri, is high in fiber, copper, and magnesium. Garri, which is utilized in several food preparations and recipes, notably in Brazil’s farofa,

Garri is available in many consistencies, including rough, medium, and smooth, and is used to cook a variety of meals.

Africans eat Gari largely and even on Xmas.

Is It Wrong To Drink Garri On Xmas Day?

There is nothing with drinking Gari on Xmas. Though the idea to many won’t be pleasant Gari has nutritional benefits for the body so go ahead and try it.


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