Is Joaquin Phoenix still alive or dead?


Joaquin Is still alive. Ignore any news of his surprising demise.

The internet continues to kill more and more of our celebrities as the fake news of the death of becomes the latest to hit the mainstream digital space.

It is ridiculous to spread rumors of death when it is not confirmed from a credible source. These habits of putting people on the edge for death news are no longer funny.

Joaquin Rafael Phoenix is an American movie actor and producer who is considered one of the best products in the industry.

He has been in the movie industry for more than two decades and has gotten tremendous recognition and accolades for his hard work.

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He has won high-profile awards such as the Academy Award, British Academy Film Award, Grammy Award, and Golden Globe Awards among others.

The 47 years old movie star is best known for his iconic roles in top movies such as Space camp,  Gladiator, Doctor Strange, The Immigrant, and The walk line.

Joaquin is also an animal activist who advocates for the rights of animals. He has been a vegetarian from age 3, and he wears nothing made from leather.

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