Is John Foley a billionaire?

American business professional John  Foley is one of the co-founders of Peloton. Peloton is a technology company at the nexus of fitness and media.

Foley, who was born in 1971,  graduated from Harvard Business School with a master’s degree in business administration and Georgia Tech with a  bachelor’s degree in engineering.

John worked for Mars Inc. for six years in manufacturing leadership before starting Peloton. Additionally, John worked as the

President of Barnes & Noble, the CEO and-founder of, the CEO of, and a pioneering executive of beginning in 1996.

When John isn’t thinking of Peloton’s next great idea, you can find him practising for triathlons, going to upscale group fitness classes with his wife Jill, or taking his two kids for a stroll around the West Village.

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Is a billionaire?

Yes, John Foley is a billionaire. John was deemed a billionaire by Forbes in April 2021, but as the stock market crashed, John lost a large portion of his wealth and dropped out of the billionaires club in November 2021.

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