Is Kim Sol Mae Still Alive Or Dead?

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Kim Sol Mae is a cute little girl from North Korea. She was 5 years old when she performed the song is about “Kisses for Mom and Dad” on stage in a cute red outfit, with an amazing voice. The once-famous performer seems to have vanished from public view, leaving fans curious about her fate.

Is Kim Sol Mae Still Alive Or Dead?

The whereabouts of Kim Sol Mae remain a mystery. Despite her captivating voice, information about her current whereabouts, whether she is alive or dead, has not been disclosed to the public.

However, many are of the view that she is alive and doing well. It’s quite common for performers or artists to maintain a low profile outside of their performances. Sometimes it’s a deliberate choice to focus on their craft rather than public attention.

It’s essential to respect their privacy and appreciate their work when it is shared with the public. Hopefully, one day, her story will resurface, and she may be shedding light on the path she took after capturing many hearts with her talent at such a young age.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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