Is Kirstie Alley Jenny Craig?

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Kirstie Alley was upfront about her battle with weight and passed away from cancer on Monday at the age of 71.

The actress began her weight-loss journey after experiencing what she called “male tragedies” around the age of 53. She was open with her experiences and frequently gave them to others who were on a similar path.

Alley claimed she joined Jenny Craig from 2004 to 2007 and initially lost weight there, but in a 2013 appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, she finally put the weight back on. She admitted “I just went south” and that she had lost another 50 pounds to the host Wendy Williams at the time.

Is Kirstie Alley Jenny Craig?

Kirstie Alley signed up to be a spokesperson for Jenny Craig in 2004 and lost 75 pounds while on the program.

She started the television series Fat Actress a year later. She wrote the book How To Lose Your Ass and Regain Your Life: Reluctant Confessions of a Big-Butted Star that same year and used her weight as a source of comic inspiration.

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2005, she discussed the program’s effect on her health.


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