is a successful actor and director from America who was born on the 17th day of august 1960 in Santa Monica, California. Sean Penn has been nominated for and won two academy awards for his tremendous roles in the drama film mystic river and the biopic milk. Because Sean Penn's parents were already in the filmmaking industry, nurturing his acting career was smooth and easy with support from the family.

on the other hand is also an accomplished singer, songwriter, and composer from America and was born in Greenwich Village, New York City on the 1st of august, 1958. Michael is well-known for his 1989 single “no Myth”, a song which was among the top 20 hit songs in the united states and performed well in several other countries.

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Is Related To Sean Penn?

Yes, Michael Penn and Sean Penn are related, they are brothers born to American actor and film director Leo Penn and American actress Eileen Ryan. Michael Penn is the elder brother of Sean Penn.

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