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Is Mikhail Gorbachev Still Alive Or Dead?

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Mikhail Gorbachev is a Russian politician. He is the final leader of the Soviet Union and the Founder of Green Cross International & of THE Climate Change Task Force. Although there are rumors of Mikhail Gorbachev’s death, he is alive. His 91st birthday was last week. On the happy occasion, a member of the Gorbachev Foundation, Vladimir Polyakov, gave an interview to Alexander Gamov, the observer of the whereabouts and health of the former Soviet politician.

Reportedly, Mikhail himself denies the rumors of his death. Three days before 2 March 2022, at 7 am Vladimir received a call with a question whether Mikhail was dead or not.

Once, Vladimir’s journalist friend called him and said Mikhail was dead while the person himself was listening. A minute later, another call comes with the same question, but this time around, Mikhail answers, not ye As for his health, he has diabetes and has been on a strict diet for a long time.

Is Mikhail Gorbachev Still Alive Or Dead?

What s and more, he had four operations, particularly on the carotid artery. Likewise, he spent the entire COVID-19 pandemic in a hospital. CCB, Reportedly there is a separate block for him.

Mikhail is currently living in Kalchuga, Russia, at a state dacha, where he stayed as the Secretary of the Central Committee for Agriculture. Mean saying Mikhail Gorbachev is still alive, he is not dead.

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