Is NNN Healthy?

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NNN, which is an abbreviation that stands for No Nut November, is a popular internet challenge that revolves around abstinence from masturbation, sex, and ejaculation. Ejaculation in this context is colloquially referred to as “to nut”. This challenge is observed during the month of November.

NNN is believed to have originated in late 2010 and gained popularity on social media during and after the year 2017.

Following some far-right personalities, which included Paul Joseph Watson, who promoted the NNN campaign, E. J. Dickson of Rolling Stone disclosed that the movement had been co-opted by the far-right.

The challenge got criticized by Vice in 2018 after adherents sent threats to xHamster on Twitter, similarly stating it had been co-opted by far-right figures.


Is NNN Healthy?

NNN, according to some experts, has no health benefits. However, other experts outlined some health benefits of NNN. Some of the health benefits stated by some professionals include an increase in energy level, promoting self-confidence, improving mental clarity, boosting testosterone, and also causing an increase in physical output in the gym.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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