Is Oregon Leaving The Pac 12?

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Oregon quarterback Bo Nix stated, “The Pac-12 has been a historically significant conference for a very long time. “It’s a big respect level for the entire Pac-12, but I don’t know what the future holds or looks like. We had a year with the Pac-12 and the conference as talented as it was.”

Before the bowl season and the College Football Playoffs began, the fans turned out on Friday to enjoy a final taste of Pac-12 glory. The ten teams that are leaving start to seriously prepare for their next steps, whether they want to play in the Big 2, Big Ten, or Atlantic Coast Conference. Among those fans are Jason and Kelli Baucom.

Is Oregon Leaving The Pac 12?

With only Oregon State and Washington State remaining, the Pac-12 now becomes the Pac-2. They were the ones left behind, and on Friday they declared their partnership with the Mountain West for a six-game schedule.

Oregon athletics should reap several benefits from joining the Big Ten, including more television revenue, increased fan base access, and the chance to play against some of the nation’s best universities. The decision has not been without controversy, though, with some claiming that it will harm Oregon’s rivalries with other Pac-12 schools and harm the Pac-12 conference.

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