is neither a state nor an independent country. It is an unincorporated Caribbean Island of the United States. It was formerly under the sovereignty of Spain before its cession from Spain on 11 April 1899.

The capital and largest city of Puerto Rico is San Juan, home to most of the people in the territory.

The population of Puerto Rico

There are about 3.3 million inhabitants of Puerto Rico. Most of the people prefer residing in the capital city San Juan than any other place.

It is reported that life in Puerto Rico is very difficult as there are no major economic activities in the territory.

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Life in Puerto Rico is very harsh compared to many cities and states in the US. About 45% of the inhabitants are living below the poverty line according to research conducted some years ago.

Safety in Puerto Rico

There is one very unique thing that makes tourists flood Puerto Rico every now and then. The safety of the place is unmatched.

The crime rate in Puerto Rico is relatively low as compared to many of the cities in the United States.

But this does not mean there are no criminals in the place. It is said that a densely populated area is mostly full of criminal activities but the opposite can be said about Puerto Rico.

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The only worry about the place is the frequent natural disasters including earthquakes and hurricanes.

Over the years, the island has suffered earthquakes and hurricanes. The island had now recovered from the effects of Hurricane Maria which pounded Puerto Rico in 2017.

Puerto Rico is also safe from external aggression and the US has put measures in place to protect its territories.

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