Is Remy Martin a good brandy?

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Rémy Martin loves to take the first place in the world of Cognac. Being able to set its sights above anything as low-key as taking over the global market, Rémy Martin is a brand that literally reaches for the stars by producing the first Cognac, Rémy Space, in collaboration with the European Space Agency, enabling it to be taken on a rocketship and enjoyed in outer space.

It is filtered and drinkable through a straw.

Back on planet earth, Martin continues to pile up its list of first-place medals. Being the only Cognac house founded by a winemaker, it means that even its base product of fermented grapes is made with superior quality and with expertise.

It also seals the deal of being synonymous with sophistication and luxury, thanks to its fantastically long oaky finish and silky sweet flavours.

Rémy Martin also appointed Pierrette Trichet as its first-ever female cellar master for a major Cognac house and then passed down the crown to Baptiste Loiseau, who happens to be the youngest cellar master ever.

Rémy Martin, like all Cognacs, is produced using a blend of carefully sourced eaux-de-vie. However, it uses four times as much as its competitors and ages its bottles for about four times longer than is legally required.

Being one of the big four in the world of Cognac, Rémy Martin insists on continually raising the standards of every part of its production method.



Source: Vimbuzz.com

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