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Is Richard Edson still alive or dead?

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Richard Edson is an American Actor and Musician born in New Rochelle, New York, US. His father Arnold, was one of the first Marine Officers to land at Guadacanal in August 1942. His mother, Marian a retired school teacher.

Richard was a member of San Fransisco art-rock band the Alter boys playing both trumpet and drums in 1979. Fans of Edson are eager in knowing about his whereabouts, as to if he’s alive or dead.

Is Richard Edson still alive in [year]

Richard is very much alive. Richard left the band to play for Konk full time. Aside from following his music career, Richard has worked as an actor in about 35 movies.

Richard has appeared in movies such as Desperately seeking for Susan in 1985, Howard the duck in 1986, Joey breaker, Good morning, Vietnam, Platoon, and many others.

He also starred in the movie Super Mario Bros in 1993.


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