Is Robin Roberts and Deborah Roberts related?

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Deborah Roberts and Robin Roberts are well-known journalists for ABC so there has been a slew of questions about two journalists. Since they bear the same surname people keep on asking whether they are related or not.

Is Robin Roberts and Deborah Roberts related?

According to our research, Deborah Roberts and Robin Roberts were born in the same that is 1960 but one is two months ahead of the other. But they are not related by blood.

Roberts is just a common which two different people bear. It’s not something strange because it happens. Just that when they realise that they bear the same name they become close friends and always refers to each other as sisters. Which happens when two friends become a family.

Deborah was born and raised in Georgia and she has an older sister Called Tina Clarington while Robin, on the other hand, grew up in Mississippi and she has two older sisters.

This shows clearly that they are not related but just build their friendship at the workplace and because as sist.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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