Is Shanna Gardner-Fernandez Related To Jared Bridegan?

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Jared Bridegan, a Microsoft employee, was shot dead ‘execution style’ by a hitman hired by her new spouse 18 months ago; now, his ex-wife has been charged with murder.

In February 2022, after dropping off his children with his ex in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Bridegan, 33, was shot in the street. The two were at odds over who would have custody of their two oldest children at the time.

He resided in St. Augustine, Florida, with his wife and their two children while working as a senior design manager for Microsoft. Bridegan was a lead UX (user experience) designer for the IT company at the time of his passing. His wife reported that he was ‘thriving’ and well-liked by coworkers.

Is Shanna Gardner-Fernandez Related To Jared Bridegan?

No, Shanna Gardner-Fernandez is not related to Jared Bridegan. The two were once married to each other but the two went their separate ways when they started having some complications in their marriage.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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