Is Shoshana Darke Still Alive Or Dead?

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Shoshana Darke, aged 51, was arrested on a Tuesday for trespassing at a property on Puma Path, Salida. The trespassing incident occurred on the previous Monday. The property in question had been sold by Barry Morphew to new owners in March.

Home security footage captured Darke walking down the driveway of the property and leaving with a cardboard box tucked under her arm. It is unclear what the contents of the box were.

Barry Morphew is currently staying at a property close to his former family home. He had been released on bail seven days before the alleged trespassing incident.

Shoshana Darke had been working as a housekeeper and cleaner at the property where Morphew is currently staying since 2018, as stated in her arrest warrant.

Shoshana Darke is mentioned in Barry Morphew’s affidavit for the murder of Suzanne Morphew, who disappeared without a trace on Mother’s Day in 2020. Some locals have informed investigators that Darke and Morphew are in a romantic relationship.

Is Shoshana Darke Still Alive Or Dead?

Authorities presume Darke is dead but that presumption has not been proven.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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