Is Stevie Nicks A Lesbian?

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Stephanie Lynn Nicks, also known as Stevie Nicks, is an American singer, songwriter, and producer, who is known for her work with the band, Fleetwood Mac and as a solo artist.

After starting her career as a duo with her then-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham, and releasing the album titled “Buckingham Nicks” to little success, Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975, helping the band to become one of the best-selling music acts of all time with over 120 million records sold worldwide.

“Rumours”, the band’s second album with Stevie, became one of the best-selling albums worldwide, being certified 20× platinum in the United States.

In 1981, while remaining a member of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie began her solo career, releasing the studio album “Bella Donna”, which topped the Billboard 200 and has reached multiplatinum status.

She has released eight studio solo albums and seven studio albums in total with Fleetwood Mac, selling a certified total of 65 million copies in the United States alone.

After the release of her first solo album, Rolling Stone named Nicks the “Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll”. She was also named one of the 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time, and one of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time by Rolling Stone.

Is Stevie Nicks A Lesbian?

Stevie Nicks is not a lesbian.



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