Is Tammel Esco black?

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Tammel Esco, 42, is the suspect being charged with the attempted murder of a woman from the Philippines whose details has not been made public.

The woman who fell victim to Esco’s attack has her name remaining undisclosed although she is reportedly recovering from a vicious anti-Asian attack by Tammel Esco on her in Yonkers.

It is alleged that she is a 67-year-old neighbour of Esco.

The surveillance video of Esco assaulting the victim spots Esco throwing 125 punches and seven vicious kicks, anti-Asian slurs, then twice spit on the woman.

Wendy Trinidad, whom hate crime occurred in the lobby of her building reacted to the surveillance video with shock.

“I’m in shock. I know nowadays a lot of mental issues, but that is just unbelievable,” she emphasized.

Tammel Esco however has a criminal record of amongst other multiple convictions, 14 arrests according to Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller.

Is Tammel Esco black?

Tammel Esco has his complexion being an apparent black. Details of his descent and ancestry is however unknown.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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