Is Tems a relationship?

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A lot of fans have been wondering if the Nigerian singer, Tems, is involved in any romantic relationship but it is quite unclear who she is dating following speculations that she has done a good job of keeping her relationship off the media.

That notwithstanding, she happens to have spilled some juice in a recent chat with fans on Twitter which has further raised a lot of curiosity amongst fans.

While answering questions in a Q&A session under the hashtag #AskTems on Twitter, a fan queried if she is a in a relationship and the answer she wrote has raised much confusion amongst followers.

The singer’s response seem not to be what many expected when she claimed to be in a relationship with “Elohim”.

The fan queried, “Are you in a relationship?” Tems on the other hand retweeted with a quote, “Yes, With Elohim”.

Now fans want to know who “Elohim” is although the word means God.

It is however unclear what exactly the singer meant.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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