Is Tomura Shigaraki dead?

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Tenko Shimura, known as Tomura Shigaraki in the Japanese version is the primary antagonist in the My Hero Academia series. He serves as the arch-nemesis of the series’ protagonist, Izuku Midoriya.

Tomura is the leader of the League of Villains and the grand commander of the Paranormal Liberation Front.

His overarching goal is to become Japan’s most formidable villain and to annihilate anything or anyone that stands in his way.

When the series begins, Tomura lacks a clear purpose and relies on All For One for resources and guidance. His initial objective is to dismantle the hero society, particularly targeting All Might, whom he deeply despises.

After All For One’s incarceration, Tomura gradually evolves into a more self-reliant villain and develops the determination to obliterate everything he loathes, ultimately seeking to bring down the entire world.

Following his victory over Re-Destro and the Meta Liberation Army, Rikiya submits to his leadership, making Tomura the grand commander of the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Is Tomura Shigaraki dead?

Chapter #379 of My Hero Academia reveals that Shigaraki’s personality has not been completely erased, and he successfully regains control of his own body, pushing his master’s vestige aside.

The authentic Tomura, also known as Tenko, resurfaces, and he remains just as perilous as ever, with an unwavering desire to annihilate the world that he holds responsible for his anguish.

This development sets the stage for further intense and dramatic confrontations in the series as Tomura continues to pursue his destructive ambitions.


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