Is Victony lame?

, born Anthony Victor, is a Nigerian artiste who had just started off his career in the industry.

Unfortunately, he was involved in a fatal accident while returning home from a birthday party on April 26 last year.

The sad vehicular crash left a person identified as Doyin dead with Victony being brutally injured and suffering severe fractures, especially his legs.

The immediately had to undergo a surgery in order to correct fractures as a result of the heartbreaking incident which almost caused him his life.

Celebrities like Davido, Laycon, Ric Hassani amongst others took to their social media spaces to say a word of prayer for a successful surgery on their fellow artiste.

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Is Victony lame?

Victony, since the fatal vehicle crush, became lame and confined to a wheelchair.

The singer had his legs broken from the accident and as a result, had to undergo a surgery to fix the fractures.

After surviving the terrible vehicle accident and his surgery, the singer released a new music which he titled ‘Broken’

Victony, in a Twitter live video told his fans how he could not believe the state he was in after the accident.

As a result of his broken legs, he is unable to walk but “in high spirits” that he would one day.

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