IShowSpeed Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Children, Jail, Net worth, Height, Instagram, Real Name, Twitch, Daughter

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IShowSpeed Wikipedia

IShowSpeed is a US gaming YouTuber, streamer and social media personality with over ten million subscribers on his channel. He yet to complete his high school education as he is still a high school student. On March 22, 2016, he began his career by launching his YouTube channel. IShowSpeed is recognized for uploading gaming videos mostly NBA 2K. A few of his videos which got thousands of views helped him gain lots of subscribers after consistent video uploads.


IShowSpeed Age

Currently, he is 17 years of age, born on January 21, 2005.


IShowSpeed Wife

IShowSpeed is currently not married.


IShowSpeed Children

It is rumored he has one child with his girlfriend.


IShowSpeed Jail

On Monday August 8, 2022, IShowSpeed was arrested in Ohio by some policemen after he had finished a live streaming on Youtube. There was a 1 min 34-sec video livestreamed on Youtube showing several policemen coming to his home and arresting him but the main reason behind his arrest has not been made public yet.


IShowSpeed Net worth

He has an estimated net worth of about $5 million.


IShowSpeed Height

He stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches tall.


IShowSpeed Instagram

His instagram handle is @ishowspeed.


IShowSpeed Real Name

IShowSpeed’s real name is Darren Watkins Jr.


IShowSpeed Twitch

Speed had previously began his streaming career on Twitch but got banned due to a sexist rant.


IShowSpeed Daughter

It is rumor he has a daughter. This was as a result of him been accused of been a gay so he came out to say he has a daughter but with whom, it is yet to be known.


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