Island Boys Net Worth


Frankie and Alex Venegas, 20-year-old twin brothers from Florida are musicians who are popularly known as “The ” with the stage names “Kodiyakredd and Flyysolja” respectively.

They were born in Florida on July 16, 2001. The twins committed many crimes as they grew up like assaults and robberies but changed as they started their music careers.

The Island Boys started their music career in 2020 but became famous after the release of their song,” Am an Island Boy”, a song that went viral on social media, especially on TikTok.

However, Frankie released a few songs before their famous song. Some of these songs are; Smoke, 9ine and real right. Alex also released a song dubbed “Money” in 2021.

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The Island brothers are distinctly known because of their hairstyles, the on their bodies and their fashion sense. They have been able to gain so much attention on social media as they interact actively with their fans.

Island Boys Net Worth

The Island boys have been able to make massive wealth since the commencement of their music career in 2020. Their net worth as of now is $500,000. They have multiple sources of income.

They have a lot of followers on TikTok and YouTube.


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