“It Has Taken Me Time To Get Here But…” Adekunle Gold Speaks On His Growth As He Reveals Album Details

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Adekunle Gold, a Nigerian hip hop artist, has commented about his career development as he prepares to release his new album.

Adekunle Gold revealed his tale on Instagram, explaining that it took him time to become who he is, and he is not looking back.

The pleased parent claimed he had unlocked a new level of potential and progress, and he is now celebrating his achievements and victories.

Adekunle Gold declares he is living life to the fullest and taking pleasure in his accomplishments, inviting his followers to accompany him on the wildest adventure of his life.

Adekunle Gold

Revealing the title of his album as “TEQUILA EVER AFTER”, Adekunle God hinted that it would be released in the summer of this year.

He wrote, “I am exactly who I think I am. It has taken me time to get here but now that I am here, there’s no looking back. I have unlocked a different level and potential. I am finally celebrating my growth, my wins. I’m living life to the fullest and enjoying my success. I invite you to join me on the wildest ride of my life.

From here on out, it’s ‘TEQUILA EVER AFTER’. Coming Soon, Summer 2023″

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