“It Is Exhausting And Never Ending” Singer Mocheddah Cries Out Over The Challenges Of Motherhood

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Modupe Oreoluwa Oyeyemi Ola, also known as Mocheddah in Nigeria, is a musician and rapper who has expressed regret about the difficult life of a mother.

The rapper, who welcomed her daughter in November 2021, is presently on vacation in luxury while having a “Mummy time away.”

Mocheddah mentioned how exhausting motherhood can be when posting images from her vacation.

She claimed that after having a kid, the word “exhausted” acquired a new significance.

Mocheddah acknowledged her appreciation for having a support network during her transition to parenthood.

Mama T is out there. Mothers are everything, to be honest. When I had my child, the word “exhausted” took on a whole new meaning, and I wondered when it would all be over. My mum was there when I looked up. There’s good news: mothering never ends! I’m appreciative of my support network during this parenthood journey.

Mo’Cheddah and her spouse received their first kid in November 2021, according to Kemi Filani News.

Mo’Cheddah posted a number of stunning images from her pregnancy photoshoot with her spouse on her Instagram page.

In the post’s caption, Mo’Cheddah expressed her happiness at being able to tell her loved ones the good news and noted that although she had many plans at the start of her pregnancy, Hyperemesis gravidarum had a negative impact on her.

Mo’Cheddah continued, “I can’t wait to share the amazing story. The previous couple of months have been the most beautiful and challenging thing I’ve ever encountered.”


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