‘It used to be exceptionally easy to be a good person,’ Empress Njamah’s brother, John, reveals on life.

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The elder brother of Nollywood actress Empress Njamah, popular filmmaker John Njamah, has reflected on his life journey.

Njamah stated on her Instagram page on Wednesday that it used to be very easy to be a good person, but that this is no longer the case.

“It used to be exceptionally simple to be a good person… You know, helping as much as you can, giving completely without expecting anything in return… It used to be very simple because it was the right thing to do… but now, bad things happen to good people… And these bad things are the result of people you have GIVEN in the past, people you have opened your heart to, people you have called FRIENDS… and their retaliation is all manner of negative gestures and thoughts directed at you… ITS REALLY SAD!. It used to be simple to trust people because it was the right thing to do… “However, our current reality has dismissed all of that… and has concluded otherwise,” he wrote.

This comes shortly after Empress broke her silence about the leaked x-rated videos of her.

The actress began the New Year on a contentious note when her ex-fiance, Josh Wade, leaked private videos.


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