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J. J. Jameson Release Date

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Jameson’s most well-known live appearances are as an MC and poet at neighborhood open mic events and poetry jams.

Additionally, he gained recognition for his poetry chapbook Lady Rutherford’s Cauliflower, which was released in September 1999 by Puddin’head Press. The same press had been preparing to publish a second volume of his writing.

It was known that in the beginning of 2005, he had brain tumors. Jameson received the March 2005 Poet of the Month award from C. J. Laity of

Later in 2005, friends and acquaintances planned a roast and poetry reading to commemorate his twentieth anniversary of arriving in Chicago.

J. J. Jameson Release Date

In 1960, Porter entered a guilty plea to second-degree murder charges related to the shooting death of John Pigott, a 22-year-old part-time clothing store clerk, at the Robert Hall clothing store in Saugus, Massachusetts, using a shotgun that had been sawed off.

Porter was involved in the murderous assault and shooting of Middlesex County jail’s head jailer, David S. Robinson, in 1961 while he was awaiting trial on those charges. Porter later escaped from prison only to be apprehended while robbing a grocery store in New Hampshire.

In that instance, he also entered a guilty plea to second-degree murder charges, and he was given two consecutive life sentences.


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