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Jacky Cheung Under Fire For Lacking Patriotism In Hong Kong Video

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HONG KONG – Superstar vocalist Jacky Cheung, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Hong Kong popular music, has been reprimanded for a video he recorded denoting the commemoration of Hong Kong’s re-visitation of Chinese rule.

The region denoted the event on Friday (July 1) with a visit from Chinese President Xi Jinping and the swearing-in of another CEO, John Lee.

As per the South China Morning Post (SCMP), Cheung, 60, recorded a 22-second video for Chinese state-claimed telecaster CCTV to honor the event.

In the clasp, he says in Cantonese: “Hong Kong has encountered many high points and low points in the beyond 25 years. But since I was conceived and grew up here, I actually have confidence around here and trust that it will improve as a one than previously. Add oil, Hong Kong.”

The expression “add oil” communicates consolation and backing, and was a well-known mobilizing cry among Hong Kong’s enemy of a majority rules system protestors during the level of their fights exactly quite a while back.

The utilization of this expression, and his inability to make reference to “return” or “country”, supposedly got under the skin of Chinese netizens and CCTV quickly pulled the clasp.

Cheung rushed to answer the web-based kickback, stressing that his utilization of “add oil” was not a political explanation.

“I for one can’t comprehend the reason why ‘Hong Kong, add oil’ has turned into the measuring stick in deciding one’s positive energy or is untouchable since it was utilized by certain individuals who committed errors,” he noted in a proclamation deciphered by SCMP.

“I trust that we Chinese individuals are objective and will persuade individuals with reason,” he added.

CCTV had likewise welcomed Cheung and different vocalists from Hong Kong and the Chinese central area to take part in a commemoration melody.

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