Jaden’s First Birthday Is Cheerfully Celebrated By Maraji.

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Maraji reportedly asked other mothers for guidance on how to breastfeed her child. She commented on her son’s increasing weight and the difficulties her hands were in while carrying him on her verified Instagram page.

Maraji asked her followers and other mothers for tips on how to start a baby on a diet.

Gloria Olorunto, also known as Maraji, is a well-known Nigerian comedian and content creator. In honor of her son Jaden’s first birthday, she posted some adorable pictures of him.

On April 21st, 2023, is the first birthday of Maraji’s son.

Maraji shared images and a video of her kid, revealing how difficult it was to keep him amused while he posed for his birthday shots.

Jaden's First Birthday Is Cheerfully Celebrated By Maraji.

My love turns one, she wrote. It was really difficult to do everything we could to amuse this tiny man. The last thing worked out.

Maraji was accompanied by celebrities such Kiekie, Enioluwa, Jane Mena, Adaku, and others as she tenderly celebrated her adorable son.


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