Jah Plaka addresses the Social Cancer of ‘Money Before Love’ in new song ‘I Got Love’


The idea of using money as the yardstick ‘to win love from women’ has become a Social Cancer.

In recent times, when you have money, that is the only way a lady can look in your direction. Once the money is gone, the ladies also vanish into the thin air. It is almost as if ‘money is the only fuel’ that can keep them around you. Hence, it is just very difficult to find true love in recent times.

Sensational Ghanaian Raggae-Dancehall musician, , has addressed this issue in his new song ‘I Got Love’.

The highly intellectual musical piece talks about how people in recent times think they need money for love. He calls those with this shallow mentality a ‘bunch of jokes’. In a transcendental poetic manner, Jah Plaka speaks about how he has come to realize that it is better to keep a few real people around instead of using money to keep a bunch of blood-sucking opportunists in your camp who are only there for the money.

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Plaka said when his eye opened to this reality, he decided to cut off all those fake people so that he can absorb the positive energy from the circle of real people who can stick with him in both good and bad times.

‘I Got Love’ should be your new meditative song. It sinks deep into the soul if you ponder on each word one by one.

Listen to ‘I Got Love’ below:

Source: Vimbuzz.com
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