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Video: Jason Derulo engaged in a fight with two men who mistook him for Usher.

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Jason Derulo was spotted in a viral video engaging in a fight with two guys all because they mistook him for another R&B start, Usher. The fight happened at the Las Vegas hotel and was separated by security guards who were escorting Jason Derulo.

According to TMZ, cops were called to the ARIA hotel during the fight to separate the fight. An eyewitness of the fight stated that one of the men who mistook Jason Derulo for Usher was were passing each other at the escalator when they saw Jason Derulo and yelled “Hey, Usher! F*ck you, b!tch!”

The curse words got Jason Derulo pissed and he punched the guy in the face. Jason also slapped the second guy moments later and the security had to step in to break the fight.

Watch the video below:

Shortly after the fight, Jason Derulo received a trespassing notice from ARIA and was removed from the hotel.

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