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Jason Momoa And James Corden Have A Naked BBQ, Laugh Hysterically Over Tortilla Slap Challenge

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Jason Momoa and James Corden are absorbing the last long periods of summer. The Aquaman star showed up on The Late Show on Wednesday night through a video parody, in which he and Corden magnificently participate in a montage of summer prosaisms as they get up to speed with lost time together.

“Sorry we haven’t had the option to hang out this mid year,” Momoa tells Corden, to which he answers: “I know! It’s been a genuine bummer. Normally we spend the entire summer together. Really awful we didn’t get to have the old Momoa-Corden Hot Boy Summer 2022.”

The two then channel their internal Thelma and Louise for a beach front excursion, ride a pair bicycle, taste tropical beverages, go fishing and offer a couple of epic twinning minutes – – remembering barbecuing up wieners for the naked.

Momoa and Corden flaunt their dance abilities with the macarena for a farce TikTok, yet in addition participated in a genuine viral test.

In a different clasp shared just to web-based entertainment, the couple seemed wearing skin-tight, tissue shaded shorts for the shoot (which “check out in the event that you tune in this evening,” the subtitle guaranteed) and took on the humorous Tortilla Slap Challenge.

Corden breaks first as Momoa wins the stone, paper, scissors deadlock, nailing Corden square on the cheek with a tortilla. The TV have promptly lets out his water, while Momoa quickly blasts into chuckling and goes with the same pattern. “Please accept my apologies! Please accept my apologies!” he stifles out through giggling.

Momoa has been occupied with supporting the third time of his Apple TV+ series, See.

Talking with ET at the Hollywood debut last week, the star spouted over the valuable chance to play a father in a series interestingly.

“That is to say, clearly I’m a dad, and family man,” Momoa – – who shares 15-year-old Lola and 13-year-old Nakoa-Wolf with ex, Lisa Bonet – – started. “I didn’t have the chance to play a father in a series before…I love having a full bend. It’s not simply killed off in the primary season, or it doesn’t end as expected.”

“Pleasant it’s three seasons, and it’s taken care of the last part, where you get to go through all that and see what occurs, and it was expected like that,” he added.

He likewise shut down any expectations of a resurgence for his darling Game of Thrones job following HBO’s House of the Dragon prequel achievement.

“I’m too old now,” he jested. “They must recruit another person now!”

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