Jean-Hugues Colonna: Meet Yvan Colonna’s parents

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Jean-Hugues Colonna is a renowned French politician who was born on May 31, 1934 (age [calculate_years datestring=”5/31/1934″]) in Cargèse, Corse.

He is a French national. Apart from being a very influential politician, he is also loving father of three children.

Jean-Hugues Colonna married Cécile Riou, a school teacher from Brittany. They couple had one daughter named Christine. Christine is prominent as a member of the autonomist party, A Chjama Naziunale.

Jean-Hugues is also the father of Stéphane and Yvan Colonna. He also had both sons with his wife, Cécile Riou.

Jean-Hugues’ son Yvan Colonna was born on April 7, 1960 in Ajaccio, Corsica. Yvan Colonna had had a very rough life as he was pressed against the law.

He was fingered in the murder of Claude Érignac, prefect of Corsica on February 6, 1998. He was on the run for years until he was arrested in 2003 in Olméto.

He was tried and sentenced in life imprisonment after a long trial which lasted from 2006 to 2011.

On March 21, Yvan Colonna lost his life in a violent attack. He was assaulted by a fellow prisoner. He was rushed to the northern hospital in Marseilles where he died.

The news of his death went viral and many people could not help but make references to his father, Jean-Hugues Colonna. This is really a sad news to Jean-Hugues Colonna and his family.

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