Jean-Luc Godard Wife: Who Is Anne-Marie Miéville?

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Screenwriter, cinema critic, and French-Swiss national Jean-Luc Godard lived from 3 December 1930 until 13 September 2022. According to AllMovie, Godard’s work “changed the motion picture form” through its many testing with narrative, continuity, sound, and camera work.

During his early career as a film critic for the prestigious journal Cahiers du Cinéma, Godard questioned conventional French cinema’s “Tradition of Quality,” which stressed emphasizing artistic excellence.

Jean-Luc Godard Wife: Who Is Anne-Marie Miéville?

Sight & Sound has referred to Anne-Marie Miéville (born 11 November 1945) as a “hugely influential multimedia artist.” In 1970, Miéville was a working photographer when she met Jean-Luc Godard in Paris, who would go on to become her companion.

Mieville worked with Godard as a photographer, scriptwriter, film editor, co-director, and artistic director from 1973 until 1994 on a variety of projects.

Anne-Marie’s first short film, How can I love, was completed in 1983; The Book of Mary (Le livre de Marie), her second, was completed the following year. Godard’s Hail Mary is available on DVD and includes a scene from The Book of Mary (1985).

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