Jemima Osunde Receives A Heartfelt Letter From Bimbo Ademoye.

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The Nollywood actress Bimbo Ademoye has at last written Jemima Osunde a birthday card.

Bimbo expressed her gratitude to Jemima for supporting her during her difficult times in a lengthy message on her Instagram page.

On Sunday, the actress turned 27 and was showered with affection from her friends, boyfriends, and coworkers.

Jemima Osunde Receives A Heartfelt Letter From Bimbo Ademoye.

She described how Jemima provided her with a roof over her head and dried her tears nearly every night.

Yesterday, a woman approached me at an event and said, “You used to be my neighbour.” Since I haven’t really lived in many places, I was surprised.

Then she made a reference to your address. I grinned because you once provided me with a roof over my head. every night when you dried my tears. My Jem, you are loved. Happy birthday to my favourite person ever. We will always be together.

GEM, oh GEM. I am speechless. You are the baby, so why do you constantly baby me? Callable at all times. You detest seeing your loved ones anxious.

You carry all of our anxieties on your tiny head despite how small you are. Thank you for being there for me during all those days, nights, and times when I was feeling particularly depressed or life was looking grim.

We appreciate your actions and words. One of my biggest presents to me is you. I’m so in love with you, my Gem. Words will never be able to adequately express how unselfish you are. Words will never adequately express how fortunate I am to have you on my side”.


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